Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alice In Wonderland and Film Cartoons Saturday

Late this Saturday afternoon I took a quick peep at a local thrift store to check out their book section. I found one book that I could probably swap at Paperback Swap. I walked over to the electronics section and forgot to go peek at the children's books. I ended up finding a couple of old ones - interesting artwork to say the least - the book Best In Children's Books and also a collectible gem How To Animate Film Cartoons. The oversized how-to book is filled with illustrations on how to make your own animated cartoons in color and black and white. This was a rare find and nice to boot.

Here are some illustrations by John Tenniel (best known for illustrating cartoons and caricatures in Punch, a satirical and comedic magazine that began publishing in the late 19th century) from the short story version of Alice in Wonderland in Best In Children's Books:

Monday, February 15, 2010

The precious prize - or things found in old books

On a short book hunting jaunt this afternoon, I came upon a red book with a very worn spine sitting on the shelf. The spine was so worn it was unreadable and little dried pieces of cloth chipped off its edge. The title, Johnson's Lives of the Poets Volume II ©1900 edited by Mrs. Alexander Napier with an introduction by J.W. Hales, M.A. Published by George Bell and Sons, London. When I arrived home I flipped through it and found this nice little piece of ephemera: Johnson Vanity of Human Wishes ©1896, edited with notes by E.J. Payne, M.A.. Original price of this booklet was 4 pence. The piece was tucked inside the book and appears to have been there long enough to protect it from the elements. I love finding things like this. One never knows what will be discovered in an old book.

Vanity of Human Wishes

Front and back covers

and below is the book where
the little booklet was housed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ephemera - Soneeta Nylon Hairnet Envelope

Here's a nice piece of advertising ephemera I found today at an antique store for a mere pittance. There was just no matching the beauty of yesteryear's ladies. Glamourous, stylish and demure with sensibility - that's what I admire about those women. Just candidly beautiful. No photoshopping, no botox, silicone, pierced body parts, heavy makeup or pouty porn looks were the trends of those days, rather the women of the past emanated class and vogue long lost with the cookie cutter gals of the present. Call me prejudiced if you will and I won't mind a bit.
Soneeta Nylon Net

The back reads:
Guaranteed Perfect
Upon Examination, when purchased, should this net be found unsatisfactory it will be gladly replaced.
The L. Mayer Co., Chicago 5, IL 

original price was 10 cents

I'm not sure the date of manufacture.
The hairnet is still inside.

Straight out of Compton

Found these 2 nice yearbooks, The Compton Yearbook - An illustrated, factual record of outstanding events in 1963 complete with dust covers still intact. Although the insides of these two yearbooks aren't that spectacular, the dust covers are fantastically sci-fi.

1964 Edition

Special Feature Articles of Topical Interest:
The Olympic Games
Trends in Modern American Literature
Training of an Astronaut
The New Math

A Summary and Interpretation of the Year's Events to Supplement 

Division of Encyclopedia Brittanica, Inc.

                                                1963 Edition below
Special feature articles of topical interest:  
The Social Impact of Communications Satellites
The Too, Too Common Cold
Today's Teenagers
The Revolution in Recreation