Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday book finds

Book hunting is fun, even when you don't always find something and walk away with hands empty.
One never knows what they might find or what might be hidden on the bottom of a dusty shelf in some dumpy little thrift store. The goods are there and sometimes you have to dig.
When I had to run a couple of errands yesterday, I stopped by a little thrift store that's becoming a favorite book haunt for me. It's Christian run as most are. However, their prices are very low and no one there seems too interested in what books they receive as donations. Of course this is to my advantage. This store's book prices are simple and cheap: paperbacks are 50 cents and hardbacks are a dollar. No arbitrary pricing, no large orange stickers with outrageous prices on the covers - this a bona fide down home good place. I don't have to worry here as I can grab a stack and not have to put some back.
Although I didn't find anything extremely rare, I did find some good stuff for clipart and collage and for my self interests - one of which is astronomy. Ranger To The Moon
by Willy Ley
A musty Childcraft book circa 1961 of Folk and Fairy Tales - these books are excellent for clipart and collage. The illustrations are amazing in the older volumes. These books are easy to find and recommended for clipart geeks. You might want to stick with the editions earlier than the 1970's as they usually have better illustrations.

©1961 Childcraft series
Folk and Fairy Tales

The Southpaw
by Donal Hamilton Hanes

This is the 1949 printing

Scan of back cover (I like this more
than the front cover)

Published by Comet Books
Rockefeller Center
New York 20,
New York

Life Science Library
Energy by Mitchell Wilson
and the editors of Life

©1963 by Time Inc.
Library of Congress number 63-21614

And another copy of Maus - My Father Bleeds History
by Art Spiegelman

The story of Maus contains a biography of sorts about the life of Spiegelman's father who grew up as a Polish Jew and learned to survive under the Nazi regime.
Highly recommended.
Stunning artwork and heart wrenching as well. This comic book novel took 13 years to complete.

And a spread from the comic book

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