Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wigger - a taboo name and a rare Dell children's book from the 1970's

Everyone knows that this word has become taboo 30 years after this book's release.
However, due to the controversial title of this children's book and its somewhat rare status, I found only 7 copies on Amazon, the first starting at $40.00. I was skeptical so I checked on ABE Books and found similar pricing.

This book is sad story of Susanna and her talking blanket.
"Susanna's security blanket was her only friend."

Dell Publishing Co., Inc. NY NY

Original price was $1.50.

The author, William Goldman,
also wrote The Thing It Is...., Marathon Man, Magic, Boys and Girls Together, and The Temple of Gold and produced several screenplays.
The illustrator was Errol Le Cain, a British animator and children's book artist.
I was able to snag this copy for a mere 15 cents. As is such, this is my rare book score of the week. And to think I was almost going to tear up this book and use the illustrations for collages. Oh the horror!

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