Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alice In Wonderland and Film Cartoons Saturday

Late this Saturday afternoon I took a quick peep at a local thrift store to check out their book section. I found one book that I could probably swap at Paperback Swap. I walked over to the electronics section and forgot to go peek at the children's books. I ended up finding a couple of old ones - interesting artwork to say the least - the book Best In Children's Books and also a collectible gem How To Animate Film Cartoons. The oversized how-to book is filled with illustrations on how to make your own animated cartoons in color and black and white. This was a rare find and nice to boot.

Here are some illustrations by John Tenniel (best known for illustrating cartoons and caricatures in Punch, a satirical and comedic magazine that began publishing in the late 19th century) from the short story version of Alice in Wonderland in Best In Children's Books:

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