Monday, February 8, 2010

Ephemera - Soneeta Nylon Hairnet Envelope

Here's a nice piece of advertising ephemera I found today at an antique store for a mere pittance. There was just no matching the beauty of yesteryear's ladies. Glamourous, stylish and demure with sensibility - that's what I admire about those women. Just candidly beautiful. No photoshopping, no botox, silicone, pierced body parts, heavy makeup or pouty porn looks were the trends of those days, rather the women of the past emanated class and vogue long lost with the cookie cutter gals of the present. Call me prejudiced if you will and I won't mind a bit.
Soneeta Nylon Net

The back reads:
Guaranteed Perfect
Upon Examination, when purchased, should this net be found unsatisfactory it will be gladly replaced.
The L. Mayer Co., Chicago 5, IL 

original price was 10 cents

I'm not sure the date of manufacture.
The hairnet is still inside.

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